Gardens, Floating Houses and a Hospital Visit..The Lazy Girl Guide to Victoria, BC

Before we settled in Vancouver for the week, we took a trip over to Victoria, a charming little city on Vancouver Island. Other than the “can the person smoking drugs next to the ventilator please stop” announcement, the ferry and journey over was pretty uneventful, and despite terrible map reading skills we eventually found our hotel! Continue reading

Whales, Trains and Happy Hour..The Lazy Girl Guide to Cruising Alaska (Part 1)

I’ve heard the phrase “hotel on water” before, but I never truly understood it until I stepped foot on my first cruise ship and was genuinely shocked that the inside actually looked like a normal hotel. Not really sure what I was expecting, but this huge, fancy ship with endless corridors of rooms, a theatre and 2 swimming pools just blew my mind, and Holland America is considered small compared to some cruise lines! As we scanned our key cards, found our room and headed out onto deck for the sail away party I was a mixture of probably 90% excitement and 10% terror of chronic sea sickness, but it turns out that as first cruises go, it doesn’t get much better than Alaska.

(Note: this is not a sponsored post, just my own stories!) Continue reading

Mountains, Rivers and Vestibules..The Lazy Girl Guide to The Rocky Mountaineer

Long ago my Great Grandad used to work on the railway, and his love of trains seems to have been passed down through all the generations of my family. As a child I was mum’s excuse to go on the steam train in our town (yes we’re too rural for an electric train!) so a journey on the Rocky Mountaineer has long been on her to do list, and here’s why it should be on yours too! Continue reading